Microblading Eyebrows

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Microblading is a semi-permanent technique, that is manually done with a natural feathering approach to give you beautifully designed brows with a fuller and thicker finish.

The 3D Eyebrow Embroidery (Microblading) method can fill in sparse brows or create an entire brow, which makes it the perfect procedure for all Women. This innovative new semi permanent makeup method creates a feathering of hair-like strokes directly on the skin’s surface that creates natural-looking, beautifully designed eyebrows.
 microblading eyebrows
* Semi-permanent (9 to 18 months)

* Fully restore the eyebrow shape

* Crisp, realistic, natural looking hair strokes

* Non-toxic & Hypoallergenic

* Safe Application

* No downtime after treatment

1. What is Microblading?

A deposit of permanent pigmentation using a small (blade) hand tool to scratch just beneath the surface of the skin creating tiny hairline strokes simulating those of natural eyebrow hair giving a more natural full look to brows. We can still achieve fullness simply by creating a heavier coverage of hairlines in areas lacking hair growth.

2. How long does the Procedure take?

The total Procedure time is approximately 3 hours. This allows time for eyebrow mapping, pre-numbing agent and eyebrow shaping & pigment color choice. Actual Microblading time per procedure is usually around 1 hour.

3. Does it Hurt?

There is some discomfort and has been compared to tiny scratches on the skin. A pre-numbing anesthetic is applied to skin prior to procedure. Immediately after first pass of brow outline, topical procedure anesthetic is applied and is quickly absorbed for a added comfort.

4. How long does it take to heal?

The skin is not considered to be completely HEALED until after 30 days of a full cycle of cellular regeneration, but your procedure areas will appear and feel healed within 5-10 days.

5. What cant I do?

You cannot expose your healing skin to hot tubs, chlorinated pool, saunas, direct shower spray, tanning and long periods of time in the sun for two weeks. As well as no makeup or face cleansers on treated area.

6. Will I need a touch up?

Touch-ups vary with each person and how they retain the ink within their individual skin type. Also, after care makes a huge impact on the life of your 3D brows. You cannot have a touch up until after 30 days of your initial procedure when the skin is considered to be healed. Touch ups serve the purpose of filling areas that did not retain the ink as others, to obtain a darker color or to prolong the life of the microbladed area.

7. Are there any side effects?

Everyone is at risk of having an allergic reaction or rash due to interaction of Ink, Anesthetics, etc. But you also risk scarring and Infection if not treated correctly and after care is not followed correctly.

8. How long do the semi-permanent microbladed brows last?

Depending on the care and your body chemistry, brows can last up to 3 years. Touch ups after a few years are recommended.

9. How long to see results?

The results are immediate. Although it does take 5-7 days for the initial healing process, followed by 30 days for the pigment to fully incorporate.

10. Will my brows fade?

There will be slight fading, after 3-6 weeks of healing, the color you see is most likely the color it will remain. Touch ups or color boosts are recommended over time. Individuals with oily skin will most likely need touchups more frequently.


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Are you ready to join the movement of women waking up to flawless brows everyday? If the answer is yes, then microblading is the answer for you!

What is Eyebrow Microblading?

What is microblading? Microblading is a semi permanent tattoo that created hairlike strokes on your brows using pigment and a manual blade. A certified microblading technician draws these hair like strokes with a manual microblading tool. The results are beautiful sculpted brows that can last up to 2 to 3 years.

House of Brows is the obvious choice for eyebrow microblading. Our artist are passionate about your brows. We offer professional service in a private one on one environment.  Our lead artist and instructor Dee is certified and has over 15 years experience in the cosmetics and beauty industry.  She has worked as a freelance makeup artist, educator, and hair stylist for major brands like Lancome, Benefit, Stila, Deva Curl and many more.

What To Expect During Your Visit

We make it easy at House of Brows to schedule your visit. No deposit is required! It is advised to wear your makeup as usual on the day of your appointment. You will receive a consultation on the day of your visit. During this time you will discuss the shape, size, color, and type of microblading that you request. Your artist will advise you of realistic expectations of the service and draw an example of brows on you. Here you have the opportunity to modify the shape and size of your brows before the service begins. Yes, you get to see your brows before we begin!

A numbing solution is used before and during each microblading session.  Minimal to no pain should be expected.

After you have received your eyebrow microblading your technician will instruct you on how to care for your new eyebrows. House of Brows prefers a dry healing method. Healing can take 4 weeks.

During the 4 weeks of healing your new eyebrows may go through all phases of healing.

The 1st week they tend to look dark and glossy.

 Some scabbing can be expected during the 2nd week of healing.

On the 3rd week of healing your microblading may look like it has disappeared. No worries!

Each day pigment will return to the surface until the end of 4 weeks.

Then you will see the final results.  After 4 weeks of healing a touch up session should be scheduled to fill in any areas that faded and final detail work.


Touch Up Session

The touch up session typically takes about 1 hour. It is used for the microblading artist to fill in any areas that faded during healing. It is expected to have some fading from the 1st to 2nd sessions.

Also, some clients may need more than 1 touch up sessions in order to achieve their desired look. Some skin types require more sessions.


Brows Customized for You

At House of Brows we understand the individual needs for each client. That is why we create natural looking brows custom/bespoke to each person. No cookie cutter brows here!

At House of Brows we use natural pigments, disposable blades, and medical grade numbing solution.  We service each client in a private suite located in the Pinnacle Building in Buckhead Atlanta, Ga. We provide our service in an environment that is clean and sanitized.

Microblading Techniques:

1D – Microblading Hairstrokes created in one direction to lightly fill brows or lightly shape sparse brows. These offer symmetry for brows.

3D- Microblading Hairstrokes created to mimic the appearance of full brows that has been threaded or waxed. This gives a brow with more hair strokes that is still natural looking. These offer symmetry for brows.

PowderFill- If you like the look of softly filled brows using powder or a pencil then you will love the look that PowderFill gives you. A softly made up brow. This is a better choice for people that have oily skin or who receive facial treatments regularly. These offer symmetry for brows.

6D- This is the look of 3D married to PowderFill microblading. You get the look of hair strokes that sculpt the brow and a soft powderfill to make a more solid brow. These also offer symmetry for brows

House of Brows is here to help you create the perfect custom brow for you. Call to schedule or book online now!

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