Eyelash Extensions

" Need longer, fuller, and amazing eyelashes?  Then you need Eyelash Extensions now! "

-- You'll Love the Results - Guaranteed --

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Eyelash Extensions provide a gorgeous undetectable application; Eyelash Extensions come in many different thicknesses, lengths, and curls. They are a great choice for clients looking to achieve the “Kim K look” or looking to achieve a dramatic result. Ideal for filming and photo shoots.

lash extensions

* Appear more youthful and rested.

* Reduce stress with no more clumpy lashes or runny makeup.

* Save time by eliminating a vital step in your make up routine.

* Accentuate the color and brightness of your eyes.

*Take a nap. Our appointments allow an hour long break from your hectic day.

1. How long do eyelash extensions last?

6-8 weeks with 2-3 week fill-in appointments in order to keep them looking their best

2. Is the procedure painful?

You will not feel a thing after applying the soothing collagen pad to the lower eye area.

3. Can I get my lashes wet?

It is advised not to for 2-4 hours after application in order to allow time for the natural curing process required. After that you can get them wet in the shower, pool, etc... but it is best to dry them with a blow dryer on low heat as soon after as possible.

4. What kind of make up remover should I use?

Oil free make up removers with a lint-free applicator is suggested since some oils can breakdown the glue.

eyelash extensions

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